Ruby Alexandra Beloz


With my grandchild on my Knee
I began to tell him a story
Of brave young hearts and silent glory
I told him of my hitch overseas as a US Marine

When boys became men instantly over night
As they fought bravely in another fire fight
We were Soldiers who became brothers closer than any known
We were young brothers who watched each others backs

I told my grandson of a forgotten War
One that was fought with America’s youth
I told him of the quiet jungle nights
I told him of my time in Vietnam

I told him the story of losing my brothers lives
In the darkness of the of the jungle night
To snipers hiding in trees
Cowards that no one could see

One by one these cowards killed my friends
Fine Soldiers I’ll never get to see again
One by one they would fall in the mud
To the silence of the jungle night

We never knew how fast life would last
We only heard the sound of our enemies bullets fly by
Just then my grandson son started to cry
With his tiny little arms, he gave me a great big hug

He looked at me all teary eyed and asked?
Grandpa how did you make back
Just then I realized why I didn’t lose my life
Seconds and inches is why I survived

So many years have gone by
But one thing is for sure, when my time finally comes
My brothers will welcome me in
I will get to hug my brothers again

Seconds and inches
Gave me my life
To come home
To raise my family

I thanked God for the time I had
Seconds and inches
Turned into a life time
The story came to and end and grandson said

Love you grandpa
And thank you God
For giving my grandpa
Seconds and inches!