Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: Screaming Eagles 101 - Iraq WarThere were over 1,000 Screaming Eagles
That landed in the Middle East
Ready, to show Saddam
The United States Army
Has taken over his desert land

What a site it was
Paratroopers in the sky
Willing to die for God and Country
Is the reason they risk their lives

No Elite-Guard can compare
To the 101 Airborne every where
Finest Soldiers Screaming Eagles are
America’s Pride marching in the sand
Destination Baghdad

Our Flag ordered to stand down
Our colors barred from the World to see
But in our hearts and minds
We will carry our Flag to Victory

Iraq knows who has brought them their Liberty
Bringing Freedom to this desert land
Riding the World of mass destruction
Willing to die for what is right

We thank our American Mothers
For giving up their Sons and daughters
POWs, MIAs and KIAs
So Iraqi children can have taste of Freedom

Let the World watch
As we take down
This Middle Eastern Satan
Let him burn in hell next to Hitler

When all is said and done
The 101 Airborne had a part
In Iraq’s new Liberty and Freedom
Iraqi children will never forget the day
They saw Screaming Eagles in Iraq’s Sky