Ruby Alexandra Beloz


From the beaches of Normandy
To the shores of Pearl Harbor
The blood soaked hills of Korea
And the hidden POW camps in Vietnam
Remember Us!

Remember Freedom
Is not without consequences
That many of us gave our lives
Remember the ones who did not survive
Remember our widowed wives
Whom we now leave behind

Remember when all is forgotten
And the War has come to an end
Please remember our fatherless children
Who will now take care of them?

Never forget those who served our country
Remember each one of us has our story
Some of us never made it back
They say were Missing In Action?
Or we never left the POW camps
Imagine that!

Today we gather to pay back some respect
To America’s finest Men and Women
Who proudly wore our Nation’s uniform.

Say a prayer for our families
For they are the ones that suffer now
Remember we have paid for your Freedom
With our families pain and our lives
Please don’t forget
What we have done
Remember us!

They are now only memories.
Let’s visit their marker and leave Old Glory by their side
Don’t forget to lay flowers at their graves
Please remember them this Memorial Day