Ruby Alexandra Beloz


We are proud to be Americans
Beloz is our family name
Our American pride is rooted deep with our veins

My veteran father passed it on to us
He taught us to raise our family flag
So all the world would see

He told us Men and Women gave their lives
He said this flag belong to them
That we must never forget
Those that died across America’s seas

He taught this to us so we would pass this message on
Our freedom’s light shines beyond heaven earth
We are proud to be Americans
And no one can take that away

We will give our lives
To protect our Freedom in the USA
He said that’s when we need to stand up
For what’s right and remember why we are free!

So the entire world can see
Those that died on our soil on September 11th
Will never be forgotten
They are the reason we are fighting over seas

United we will not stand down
We will not run from our enemies
And we will not retreat!
We will stand behind our flag
No matter what the costs to you and me!

Until we have achieved Victory
We will give all that it takes to remain
The land of the free:
This, my Daddy taught to me

To be proud to be an American
Is more than just words
It is our Actions
That speak out louder than words

He taught me to love me my homeland
And to defend her way of life
My Daddy taught me to raise our family flag

To show my neighbors our true colors
Red, White, and Blue
Runs deep rooted in our family’s veins
We stand united to defend her with you

We are Americans
And they can not take that away
We have had the honor and the privilege
To defend our flag
Across America’s seas
In Japan, Korea and now in the USA

The Beloz family is proud to be Americans
We will stand united with you
For God and our country.
God Bless the USA.