Ruby Alexandra Beloz


We come from all walks of life
Children of the USA
We are Soldiers marching with great pride

Willing to take the line
Willing to give our lives
Marching behind our flag

So that Freedom can survive
Freedom roars loud and clear
For all in need to hear

By the land, air or sea
Soldiers marching for God and country

Many of us carry the memories
Of our fallen Sisters and Brothers
That have given their lives
From all Wars
Time after time

A fallen Soldier
A broken heart
A mother’s
Silent tears
Need no words

She cries but evil does not hear

How many of our boys and girls
Go where the bullets are real
No like Hollywood
And their fancy deals

Our Soldiers have taken the line
Time after time
How many have lost their lives
Freedom has been defended
Even in the gates if hell

War moves on!

Silent tears of a mother
a list of broken hearts
Need no words
Wars carry the scars

Of un-faded memories
Death last forever
Dreams have been scattered
Heaven’s gates are full with
Our Sisters and Brothers

The list of Death moves on
Taking prisoners of memories
No Freedom was not free

World 1
World 2
The Cold War
Korean War
Vietnam War
Intervention of Lebanon
Dominican Intervention
U.S. Libya Conflict
U.S. Intervention in Lebanon
U.S. invasion of Grenada
Operation Earnest Will
U.S. Invasion of Panama
Operation Desert Strom
U.S. Intervention in Somalia
NATO Intervention in Bosnia
U.S. Occupation of Haiti
U.S. Embassy bombings and strikes on Afghanistan and Sudan (The Bin Laden War)
Operation Desert Fox
Kosovo War
Attack on the USS Cole
Attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
Afghanistan War (Operation Enduring Freedom)
Third Persian Gulf War “Operation Iraqi Freedom”