Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: POW? No Not Me!All along the watch towers
VC carrying machineguns
Beyond that barbwire
Is the road to my lost Freedom

This Yellow man
Just don’t understand
My country will be looking for me
POW is not in my vocabulary

My job is to escape
I can’t stay
And be a VC slave
Beyond that gate is my faith

Years have come and gone by
No matter how many times I try
I end up back in this champ
Staring at this Yellow man

In my cell I silently weep
Wondering why my country forgot me
I no longer wish to live
I prayed to God to set me free

In the morning one more time
I plan my escape
I sneak pass the VC guns
Only this time to take a bullet in my head

I see the lights as I cross to the other side
So many colors like fireworks in the sky
I no longer feel VC’s hate
I have found my Freedom

At Heaven’s gate
I asked God to forgive the men
That killed me in the end
No it was not the VC
God forgive my country

It was they who forgot me.