Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: Portrait of a SoldierIf, I were an Artist
I would paint you
A Soldier’s Portrait;
But how do I paint my fear?

What colors would I use
To show you my tears are private?
What paint brush will show you
The emotions I hide deep inside?

What canvas do I chose
To show you the blood
Of my Brothers and Sisters
Who have died in Saddam’s sand?

I say to you who watch
Us from across the sea
The Portrait I paint you
You simply can not see

For you are not me;
You do not know
The color of blood
After it no longer bleeds.
My tears are private

And you can not see
This Soldier’s Portrait
For there is no color
That describes death

Or a paint brush that
Will paint back the loss
Of my Brothers or Sisters limbs

Yes my tears are Private
My fear only I own
My sorrow I carry
For those I killed

In the name of Freedom
Do I really need a paint brush
Or can you see
This Portrait of a Soldier?

Can you really see me?

Submitted for the April 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Portrait of a Soldier”