Ruby Alexandra Beloz


He sat all alone in his favorite chair sitting by the fireplace
Waiting for the phone to ring any day
Knowing the sound of the phone would send him far away.

He sat there looking out the window
Staring into empty space
Remembering familiar thoughts
Of family and friends

Remembering the day he asked his wife to marry him
Remembering how beautiful she looked in her white wedding dress
Remembering the day she gave birth to their 1st son
Remembering how proud he made his Dad and his Mom

The phone rang late that day
He received his marching orders
That would send him far away.

His wife and son were out shopping
When they got home
He had to tell them the sad news
That his country called him to put on his uniform

He got orders to finish the fight that never ended Desert Storm

His Mother and Father dropped by that night
His Mother saw the look in her son’s eyes
She ran up to him and threw her arms around;
His Mother could not hold back her tears as she started to cry

This Tuff Marine she held tightly in her arms
All of a sudden he became her little boy again
He hugged and kissed her ever so gently as he whispered in her ear

“Momma please don’t cry for me
Don’t shed your pretty tears
Have faith in God
And ask him to take away your fears.”

“Just say a prayer instead
And I’ll be back before you know it
I am, One Tuff Marine just like my old man
Who once fought bravely in Vietnam.”

He tells his wife and son to stand by his countries side
He tells them how much he loves them
That Duty and Honor knocked on their door to fight this crazy man

They say he is a another Hitler they call him Saddam Hussein
Another insane bastard that wants to end our freedom
Destroy our world with mass destruction and bomb our homeland

“So when my country ships me out across the seas
Let there be no tears for me, for I am one Tuff Marine
Let there be no doubt
I’ll be home sooner than you all think”

“Please no more tears for this Tuff Marine.
Momma, please don’t cry for me
Just say a prayer instead.”

“So please remember me
Keep a candle lit in the window
Tie yellow ribbon around our old tree
Hang our Flag out proudly in the front porch for the entire world to see.”

“That we honor all our Armed forces
Even the ones that marched before me!
Say a prayer for this Tuff Marine.”

“Just in case I don’t make it back
And they send me home covered in my Nation’s Flag
Tell my wife and son
This Tuff Marine
Died defending our country and way of life
So they can live in Freedom’s light…”