Ruby Alexandra Beloz


My eyes no longer can see
I have left my home state behind me
Duty called and I accidentally opened the door
After 911 my country asked me wear the uniform

So here I am headed off to sea
across the ocean not knowing
what lies ahead of me.
Sometimes there is no need
to see what my eyes are telling me

I tell my self I am one tuff Marine
but the truth is I hide my fear
behind my eyes that show no tears
I left behind my newlywed wife

and my son not yet born to the world
all alone without a husband or a dad
who will look after my family
as I march behind this flag not allowed to be shown

when we land on this hot desert sand
we will fight with all our heart’s against this SOB Saddam
we will show their people what it means to be free
when the War ends they will have tasted Liberty
will they forget these tuff Marines maybe, maybe not

Our jobs are done we did our best
some of the people thanked us
and some of them spit at us
as we marched by it doesn’t really matter

for my eyes have gotten see freedom and liberty
from across the sea
in land where they said we were not wanted
but the children thanked and kissed us anyway

as we marched by thanking us for their future
and a new way of life

I am home now from my tour in Iraq
I hold my wife and my new son in my arms
I no longer can hold my tears back
God spared this Marine
To raise a family in God’s country

I will never forget Iraq or her children
who thanked us in the hot desert sand
their smiles made it worth while
and if they asked me to do it again;
you know this Marine will take the line.