Ruby Alexandra Beloz


It’s Memorial Day in the Beloz home
A sad day for my father don’t you know
I watched my father prepare the Family Flag
I watched carefully as he removed it from the plastic bag
I saw a sadness deep in his eyes
As he remembers those who were left behind.

He tells me a story of his best friend
Who died in battle right next to him
He was a brave Paratrooper of the 187th,
A Soldiers of Soldiers he loved him so
Who did not make it back to raise a family of his own
My father told me he should have come home
To raise a family like my father got to have
He tells me his friend died to protect this Flag

I see a gentle tear that came from my father’s eyes
I never knew just how he felt
I never took the time to ask him why
He never really talked about the War
As he held this Flag in his hands
I knew this Flag meant so much more
Than just hanging it outside above our door

No! No I never realized
All that happen to my father I saw through his eyes
That this was not just another three-day weekend
No this Day was for the brave who made the extreme sacrifice
This Day was about honor that belonged to them

I watched my father raise our family Flag
We stood for a moment and held each other’s hands
As we watched Old Glory wave with pride in the air
Together we remembered his friend and said a prayer

My father has since passed away
But his memory lives with me forever more
The tradition our family Flag he has passed on to me
Now it is I who raises Old Glory!