Ruby Alexandra Beloz


The year is 2007 and another Memorial Day is here
No good news to report
Our soldiers still need our support
The WAR in Iraq started March 20th, 2003

Four years have come and gone by
A President caught up in his own lies
How many more of our own will die?
How many more of our Troops will lay down their lives?

No Weapons of Mass Destruction in sight
Mr. President remind us why
Our men and women are fighting this fight
Explain to every mother who lost her son or daughter

As American I can’t afford to play the politician
My job is to never forget what my family is free
Thanks to our troops who worm the uniform
Those brave boys and girls that went to their grave

A mother and father’s child has donated their last breath
As American my responsibility is to never forget
Why we celebrate our country’s FREEDOOM
Because someone answered the call

Someone wore the uniform
Someone gave their child’s life
Some took the fall
For you and me

This is why we have a Memorial Day…
Let us never forget why we Support our Troops
Or our boys and girls might lose hope
Not of winning the War, but that we just didn’t care.