Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Captain Lance Peter Sijan
Captain Lance Peter Sijan was the first Air Force Academy graduate awarded the Medal of Honor – November 9, 1967. Capt. Sijan died on January 22, 1968
Mayday! Mayday! I’m hit! I am hit!
My F4 is coming down hard
Sorry I got to eject
Landing some where in Laos
God help me right now

My F4 was shot down from the sky
Eagle lost his wings tonight
Landed in Vietnam
VC waiting all ‘round
Dear God please let me die
Don’t let the Charlie make me a POW
Dear God I need your help now

I landed harder than I thought
I think my leg and hand are broken
From the fall
And my head has seen better days
Dear God show me the way
Don’t want Charlie to take me in

Crawled into the jungle to wait and hide
Had to bury my pride
That day I knew my freedom
Would begin to slip away
I had to crawl in the mud
Hoping they would not track my blood
I lasted in country 45 days
But in the end Charlie found me
Took me in to “Hanoi Hilton”
And there is where I slowly began to die
Behind these damp walls
Another American Prisoner of War
Locked behind this cell door
What carries me every day is the Code!
I learned in the Academy
“We called it the Code of Conduct”
Charlie never broke the Code in me
I took it to my grave.

Submitted for the May 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Missing In Action