Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Dear Prince Harry,

I can’t help to think if your mother were alive what she would have said to you for your poor judgment and choice uniforms?

My father was not a royal and he never had the opportunities that you were just born into. He served his country PROUDLY in Japan and in the Korean War and wore the AMERICAN uniform with honor and pride so that the common person could have a taste of what FREEDOM and Liberty would be like.

Many Americans and Englishmen have laid down their lives so that others could live in PEACE and have FREEDOM in the world.

Young man, you have the WORLD in the palm of your hands why do you shame your family, country and your poor dead mother!

Your country, along with USA fought hand and hand to rid the world of the evil that the Nazi’s brought to Europe and the world. Their mass murders will carry a dark cloud over Germany till the end time.

I can’t help but to feel sorry for you. You have no idea who you are, and what being a Royal truly means? How sad that you just don’t get it.

The world is watching you by your actions? Remember words without good deeds mean nothing! I am not Jewish but even I, as the daughter of a Mexican American Veteran, along with the rest of the world was offended to see you dressed up as Nazi.

Tonight I will pray for you young man, that you see what you have done was NOT funny and that you should be held accountable for what you have done!

The day your mother died, I wept with the rest of world. For the World had lost the people’s Princess a true humanitarian. That day I went to a garden shop and bought a White Rose bush and planted it in your mother’s honor in my garden to honor her memory along with Mother Theresa for the love they both gave to the world. You have it all – why do you continue to throw it away?

You are young and have to live by your silly mistakes. I forgive you for being young and foolish. But I can not forgive you for portraying a NAZI. Not when thousands of AMERICAN Soldiers lost their lives to help liberate Europe.


Ruby Alexandra Beloz
Daughter of and American Veteran