Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Todd Beamer
Todd Beamer
There I was, death staring me in the face.
It wore the face of hate and Terrorists
Right then and there I had to call my wife;
I had to let her know how much she meant to me
Instead, all I got was the Operator on line.

I knew my time was running out
I knew I had a divine mission to complete
This was the day that God elected me;
He made me a Guardian Angel without wings
I knew this day God wanted me to save some lives
I knew today my God and Country would ask me to die

So I got a hold of the Operator
I told her what was going on with Flight 93
I said, “Hey lady, won’t you pray one last time with me?”
Her voice was sweet and full of love
but I could hear her fear from a far away place

The Operator never broke down and cried
She was always clam inside
She remained brave for me
She started to say the Lord’s Prayer
So I bowed my head and accepted my fate

I thanked her for her blessing and the final prayer
“Hey lady, please tell my wife how much I love her.
Thank her for my boys and the life we had;
Thank her for my baby on the way;
Tell her… my love for my family
I will carry to my final resting place.”

There were no more words left to say
I never thought on 9-11 it would be my last day
My final battle was about to begin
She promised me to carry my final message to me wife
I thanked the Operator and said good bye

I took my last deep breath,
My final moments had arrived
It was time to go;
“Are you guys ready? Let’s roll!”