Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Politicians playing with our lives
The White House telling us lies
You think we were a pair of dice
They take the thrill of the roll

Where the dice lands nobody knows
It’s all a gamble
The body count takes its toll
Hey Sarge “Did we meet their goals”

How many brothers lost their lives;
How many lost their souls
To an enemy nobody really knows
How many POW’s did we really leave behind?

Let it go Bro, let it go

Vietnam was so long ago
I still remember those midnight Patrols
I still can’t shake the memories
In my head of my Brothers
Laying there dead

Let it go Bro, let it go

The road to nowhere
Leads back to me
I need to find some recovery
Vietnam is but a memory

My dreams always take me back
To the jungles of Vietnam
Shells lighting the sky
VC on the attack

I hear the screams of my Brothers
Yelling for Medic!

Let it go Bro let it go

The next day the jungle is lined up
With rifles, helmets and dog-tags
Bayonets rooted deep in the ground
Marking my Brother’s last battle sound

The dreams just don’t seem to fade away
No matter how hard I try to pray
I still see their imagines and faces
In my dreams

No Bro I can’t let go!