Ruby Alexandra Beloz


The Son wants to follow in his Father’s boot prints
Where the father left behind his prints in the sand
Across Americas seas a long time ago in Vietnam
His father prints have since blown away in the sand
Where his father never got to finish the business at hand
Only the memories are left in the mind of this young man
Who once fought bravely in Vietnam;
Who was forced to leave a band of brothers behind
Who became POWs and MIAs

Now the time has come for the son is all grown
The son stands brave and tall with his honor that glows
Shinny brass buttons and a new inform
Knelt down on one knee
Slowly he bowed his head asking his father
For the family blessing
He tells his father he is off to Afghanistan
Please don’t worry Dad it’s my turn to defend the family name
I will be fighting for America’s freedom once again
I will leave our family’s prints in the sand

The father held back tears of pride
He can’t tell his son not to go
After all, it was he that left his prints in the sand
To replace his aging father’s prints in Japan
In America, history repeats itself; we call it
“When duty called for Honor”
America proudly gave her sons