Ruby Alexandra Beloz


He stands out in front of the liquor store
Wearing an old Army jacket all torn and worn
You can barely see the patch on his sleeve
Of a Screaming Eagle that once was brave
He asked me “Hey lady can you spare some change.
My throat is thirsty and my belly is on empty
Please dear lady do ya think you can help me?”

I looked at his dirty unshaven face
Trying to find that man that once was before this place
He told me that they called him Sam
That he used to jump out of planes in Vietnam
He told me he was once very young
That he joined the US ARMY to have some fun
That he ended up in the Screaming Eagles 101

It wasn’t too long before they sent him away
To fight for Freedom and save the day
When it was all over he wanted to come home
And all he ever wanted when he came back
Was a great big thank you?
But he never got that
Instead they took his ticket parade away from him
Called him a Baby Killer and a bunch of names

They even spit in his face,
spit running down over his ribbons and his uniform
After that poor Sam didn’t know what country he was fighting for
He told me that he felt lost and confused
That he drinks his sorrows away to hide the disgrace deep inside
Of a broken down Soldier that has lost his pride
Of a country he no longer knew

“So please lady can you spare some change?
For an old Soldier who gave his all
Who fought for Freedom for you and I
Hey lady it’s cold tonight
Can you spare some change for me?”

I looked at Old Sam straight in the eye
I reach for his hard callused hand and held it in mine
I pull out a twenty-dollar bill
And I placed it in his hand
I tell him with a smile and kiss on his cheek,
“Sam I thank you so much for all that you did
For fighting so young in a far away land
For fighting for Freedom in Vietnam
Please except my apology for all that
Our Country did not do when you came home.”

Old Sam eyes started tear up a bit
He thanked me for what I said
Before he would let me see him cry
He took that twenty dollar bill went inside
I never saw old Sam again
But all I have to is look around
There are too many of our Veterans homeless
that have not been found?