Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Christmas 2004 in Iraq
Christmas 2004 in Iraq
I’ve been a Soldier way too long
My mind occupied with the War
No time for distractions
It just might cost me my life

Every day is the same;
Trying to stay a live
Is no game,
With no victory to proclaim

My Bro next to me reminds me
tonight is Christmas Eve
As I sleep under a blanket of stars,
tried and weary
I shut my eyes and begin to sleep
My dream takes me so far away

To memories of Christmas past
Of days when I was just a little boy
When I was back home with my family
I’ve been a Soldier way too long

I dream of Christmas carols being sung
I hear the sound of church bells ringing in my hometown
I dream of snow flakes falling to the ground
I dream of throwing snow balls

I dream of holding my mother’s arm
As we walk to our neighborhood church
To celebrate Baby Jesus’ birth
I see Christmas trees in windows as we pass by

My dream takes me to my dinning room
(Where I thought I could smell my mom cooking)
I see my father seated at the head of the table
My mom cooked a Christmas turkey with all the trimmings

I awake from my dream in Iraq
To the sound of choppers in the air
I hear the sound of gunfire and bullets flying everywhere
I look to the heaven and I see a shooting star
My dream faded away as I gripped my weapon

I am prepared for anything that will come
I tell my Bro next to me I have his back
The night moves slowly and passes away
The sky is no longer pitch black

All of sudden there is total silence
The screams of dying men stop
The sound of bullets fade away
It is now Christmas Day

The sun comes out and blesses the sky
Both sides call a cease fire
Today is Christmas, a day of peace
Today my enemy is my brother

Today is Christmas, the birth of our Savior and Lord
Today we will bow our heads and pray
For all the blood shed and lost in Iraq
For my Brothers and Sisters who never made it back

Today is Christmas
Yes, I’ve been a Soldier way to long
I’ve heard the music of Taps played
Far more times then I ever want to hear

Maybe by next year if I’m lucky
I might make it home
To celebrate Christmas Day
Until then I will silently pray

For peace to come
Before another Christmas passes by
I will never forget the brave that gave their lives
They are the Heroes on this Christmas Day!