Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Many years after the parade is long and gone
Medals and Ribbons were pinned to their chests
And all their friends’ names have been craved on the Wall.
Will he or she ever forget?
All their friends lying dead

At night is when their entire ghost’s come alive
Running through the jungle trying to hide
In their nightmares they try to survive
Only to awake in the middle of the night

Coming out of deep cold sweat
Waking up to smoke another cigarette
Trying desperately to catch their breath
Trying to remember the faces that are dead

The silence of their fears;
Are they the memories that bring them tears?
They can’t get the smell out of their head
Or the sight of bright red blood
Or all the wounded that bled.

Is the War really over?
And if it is then why do they still suffer
Vietnam was over so many years a go
But the memory of their Sis’s and Bro’s
They just can’t seem let go

The sun begins to rise
And their nightmares begin to fade
But the Night will always come
And their ghosts will come again
Every night they ask
God when will the War to end for them?