Ruby Alexandra Beloz


I saw him from the corner of my eye
He looked all alone
With no one to take his side
He appeared to be lost somewhere in his mind

Just another GI
Transparent to the world
Invisible soul walking the earth

To people walking thought he no longer had any worth
He was invisible nonexistent
And when you would notice him
His eyes had lost the color of life and remain dim

The GI came home so long ago
Over the years he slowly disappeared
He kept all that he saw deeply buried
In a place that no one could touch

He stood there on the corner of the 7-11
With his shoulders pulled forward
Carrying too much weight to stand tall anymore
He was just another invisible soul

Created by another War
Lost and now a prisoner of his own mind
Transparent to all that walked by
Invisible soul transparent to the world.

Author’s Note: Today is my father’s birthday… He suffered PTSD until he died