Ruby Alexandra Beloz


In my dreams I am a Soldier
Fighting for what is right
But in the darkness my shadow
No longer knows who I am

I tell myself I am just another lonely Soldier
Stuck in this Iraqi land
Fighting along the side of my brothers
Each brother loyal to his own

No need to ask a Soldier why he does it
Or why he is so willing to die
No need to ask a Soldier why he fights
Or why he takes another Iraqi life

Every Soldier’s brother will stand up for freedom
Even if it means making a supreme sacrifice
Many Soldiers are loyal to the cause
Many have already crossed over into paradise

Loyal to the cause
Politicians mean nothing
When you’re trying
To cover your brothers back

Politicians speaking cheap words
That have no meaning on the battlefield
A politicians words are like the wind
Blowing in the sand
Like feathers in the sky that never land

In my dreams I am a Soldier
Loyal to the cause
Loyal to my brother
Loyal to my flag

I forget the politicians
Today is another day
My dream is all over
The sun begins to set

Instead of asking me why I fight
Ask me who I am
I’ll tell you I am Soldier
Loyal to God and my Flag!