Ruby Alexandra Beloz


I sit in his favorite chair
Looking out the window
I feel the cold from the winter wind

I sit here holding our countries flag
Holding it next to my broken heart
Colors of Red, White and Blue
Are covered with my children’s tears

The sound of silence
Is the emptiness I fear and live
I will never hear his manly voice again
I will never hear his laughter playing with our sons

The letter said, my husband died
Fighting bravely in Iraq
My children’s father will never come back
His soul has been stolen by the desert wind

All of his things sitting in his favorite room
Never to be touched again
His love of baseball cards
To be passed on to his two sons

I looked at the fireplace mantel
Looking at our wedding picture
I stared at the pictures of our kids
Memories of all our vacation trips

The room where he used to sit
To watch Monday football
Where he entertained all of our friends
His room is now empty and alone

The sound I hear is silence
The room no longer lives, his warmth has left us
As I sit in his favorite chair
I feel the room is now empty and cold

My children’s father was once a brave Solider
He fought for our Freedom
That our country enjoys
Remember it was paid with a brave Soldiers soul

Here I sit staring into space
Into the nights empty dark
Sitting in his favorite chair
The emptiness I feel
Is the fear I now live in

His soul blowing into the empty wind
Never to come back to us again
Another fallen Soldier, Father. Husband
My best friend, buried we his fallen brothers

The room I sit in will remain empty and cold
I heard the sound of silence
I feel the pain of death
Our lives will never be the same

So enjoy your Freedom!
It wears my Husband’s name
Sergeant Thomas John
US Army Paratrooper 101.

Submitted for the January 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Emptiness