Ruby Alexandra Beloz


I am the letter that you fear
I am the silence in your mind
I am every noise you hear
I am the voice from a far

I am the darkness that blackens your sun
I am the misty fog that comes by early light
I am the knife the pierces your heart
I am the thief of life

I am the cold wind that gives you chills
I am the keeper of your time
I am the enemy of every family’s hope
I am the giver of memories from the past

I am the keeper of every Soldier’s soul
I am the executioner of every family’s dreams
I am the one that brings you tears and screams
I am the killer of your prayers

Dear Madam,

The United States Army regrets to inform you
that your husband was killed in action today,
October 13th, 2004, in Iraq.

The Widow Maker

This poem inspired the response, “Be
©Copyright October 13, 2004 by Ann-Marie Spittle