Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: I Ain’t No Hero or SaintI ain’t no saint
I ain’t hero
Don’t make me out to be
Something that ain’t me

Ask me who I am
And I’ll tell you
I am just soldier
that walks the line

I go out every day
To what ever my faith may see
What happens to me
Is in my brother’s hands

So I fight to protect the homeland
If I fall my brother or sister will carry me
If they fall I’ll cover their back
Until we get them safely home

This doesn’t make me a hero or a saint
Just soldier fighting for God and my Flag
Save your words
For those who deserve it more

I ain’t no hero or a saint
All the hero’s died for our homeland
They are the true soldier’s saints
Don’t pray for me

Pray for the hero’s that didn’t make it back
Pray for their families
Who will never see their child again
As for me, I serve my God and country

If you want to call me anything
Just call me a Soldier
A defender of your Liberty
A defender of your dreams

I am a defender of your freedom
So if I make it home
Don’t forget us this time
Remember to thank my brothers and sisters

For your freedom and your lives
Just remember I ain’t no hero or a saint!
I’m just Soldier who was lucky
Lucky enough to make it back!