Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Every one wants to get to heaven
But nobody – nobody wants to die
So I try and try to walk a straight line
So when it’s my time
I will find my way to paradise

But just for today, I try not to stray
I try to be a better person than yesterday
I sometimes fall so short from nirvana
My words are sometimes lost in the wind
Like castles in the sand, they become dust

I was never was taught to build my life on rocks
It doesn’t take too much to fade in this motherland
When your life is holding on by a thin rope to paradise
It’s doesn’t take much time to fall back into hell

So can you tell me the way to Shangri-la?
I was told it’s where I really want to be
But I just don’t want to go today
So I laugh at what death has in stored for me

Is this the way to Heaven
I was told it’s where I want to be
But when you’re living
The end doesn’t seem so close to me

Every one wants to get to heaven
But nobody – nobody wants to die
To tell you the truth, I really don’t want to go
No not today, so I’ll take it a little slow

I’ll try a little harder to walk a straight line
I’ll try harder to learn to build my life on rocks
I’ll try and try until I get it right
I’ll pray not to wander too far away

I’ll learn to forgive my enemies
As they have learned to forgive me
I’ll try to hear what God has to say
I’ll learn to cry a little and to love me in the end

When I’m ready I will grow silver wings
I will not need a rope to paradise
I will know the way with my eyes shut
God will welcome me in
Because, I’ve learned everything I needed to learn
To change my life once again
To build my home on rocks
To forgive those that have scared and hurt me

Lord I am ready to fly to paradise
I am just a poor Soldier that has to march on
I’ve taken too many lives
In the name of Freedom

Lord I killed for Liberty
Do you think there’s any room?
Is there such a place in heaven
For Soldiers like me?

You see today heaven knocked on my soul
A silver rope came from heaven to lift me to paradise
Today I took one too many bullets
Today I realized
Heaven’s where I really want to be!