Ruby Alexandra Beloz


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 30, 2009
Awarded: May 30, 2009
Today we went out on another patrol
Cruising in our Hummers
Got our eyes peeled for suicide bombers
And gutless snipers

It’s a hundred and twenty six
With no shade in sight
Except for my Bro to my right
And my Bro to my left

When I signed up
I took the chance
Of never making it back
But I did it for my old man

You see we never really got along
Growing up hearing his stories
About his days in Vietnam
Somehow I thought

My Dad might accept me as his son
So I followed into his footsteps
I sign up in the US Army as a Paratrooper
I joined the Airborne and landed in 101

Well we weren’t out too long
Before our Hummer got hit
By an Iraqi rocket
Bastards were waiting for us

All my life all I ever wanted was
For my Old man to be proud of me
To look at me with a different pair of eyes
Even though my old man knew the secret I hide inside

Some things you just don’t ask
And some things you never tell
But today it doesn’t matter
Because according to my mother

God is sending me right to hell
We got hit pretty dam hard
I looked at my Brother to my right
Who was bleeding faster than me

I looked at my Brother to my left
Who had already passed on
I knew it was a matter of time
Before we were all gone

So I took a huge risk
I held my Brothers hand
I told him I was Gay
He said he and the boys already knew

But as far as they were concern
I was one bad ass trooper, they knew I had all of their backs
He smiled at me just before
His life slipped out of my hand

I laid there in the hot sun
Bleeding out a slow death
All that I was flashed before my eyes
I wonder if I was a good Soldier

All I ever wanted was to serve my country
And please my old man
Finally an Iraqi soldier found me laying there
He put a mercy bullet into my head

I don’t know what Hell feels like
But it can’t be any hotter than Iraq
The only regret that I ever had
Was failing as my old man’s son

My spirit fast forwarded into another dimension
I saw lights of every color some I have never seen before
Somehow this didn’t seem like Hell
I ended up by the Lord’s pearly gates

I saw Johnny and the boys waving me in
There was a long line of Soldiers standing at attention
I thought GOD made a big mistake
Because everyone knows all FAGS go to Hell

Johnny and the boys threw their arms around me
And gave me Paratroopers hug
When my body finally made it home
They gave me a parade

A Paratrooper handed my mother and my old man
Our country’s Flag for my service in Iraq
I died for your Freedom
I died trying to please that old man

They said after the funeral my Dad
Never shed a tear
The Lord whispered to me:
Up here we don’t care if you’re queer

Don’t ask – Don’t Tell
I was the best damn soldier
My country ever had
I paid with my life – enjoy your Freedom………

Submitted for the June 2009 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Tolerance