Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Hello, is there any one home
Is this where I’m suppose to go
The road I came by was so dark
I couldn’t tell if I was lost

My eyes could not see very much light
Or on which road I was to be
I noticed my shadow had abandon me
There was water on the road, my reflection I could not see

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 21, 2004
Awarded: May 21, 2004
I can’t tell if this is a dream
I don’t know if I am awake
I sense death has taken me
How do I tell God He has made a big mistake

I am way too young to die
I never wanted to go and fight
But, I was taught to do what’s right
Duty pounded on my door

Freedom’s cry was loud and clear
My country’s colors were calling on me
Next thing you know I was fighting in Iraq
Fighting these bastards defending Saddam

Is there any one home?
Is this the door that I go through?
I heard a voice say
“It’s ok Bro, you are safe, don’t be afraid”

Was I knocking on heaven’s door
I couldn’t feel the bullet in me any more
The screams that surrounded me were all gone
There was only peace and clam

Am I knocking on heaven’s door
Or did I go to hell for the lives I took
Dear God if this is truth
Please forgive me for what I have done

But dear God remember, I was defending Freedom in Iraq
Don’t forget when Duty called I was the first to raise my hand
And God, I paid the ultimate price
I lost my family and my wife, not to mention my very own life

So God I am knocking on Your door
Hoping You will let me in
Dear God please forgive me for all of my sins
I saw my former brothers open heaven’s door

They said “Come on in Bro; you made it home”