Ruby Alexandra Beloz


I see the rockets bursting in the air
Children playing with sparklers every where
Mother and fathers enjoying the night
Watching the fireworks; what a grand site!
It’s another 4th of July
It’s Freedom’s night

Let Freedom ring loud for all to hear
This night belongs to the Warriors and Spirits
Those that fought a brave fight
To the Men and Women
That bravely gave their lives

This 4th of July has been paid
With our very own blood
Ask me if it was worth the trade?
Ask me why our brave had to die?
I say they did not die in vain
They died for Freedom
So let’s celebrate

The Fireworks show was about to end
When an American Eagle flew by.
It gave a loud scream
And spread its majestic wings
For all the World to see that patriotism
Lives in our hearts and in our blood
And Freedom is the reason
We gladly give our lives

So let’s enjoy our 4th of July
Let’s show the World who we are
Let them know we are Free
Because of Brave Hearts!

Submitted for the July 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Festival