Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: Another Year Gone BySeptember 11th marked on my calendar
A reminder to say a prayer
Another year has gone by
Since it marked its place
In America’s sky

Although it brought death
From the evil Terrorists
A wounded city that still cries
The creation of tears
And prayers World wide

It also brought the
The regeneration
Of our Patriotism
The rebirth of our people

The pride in our Flag
Our colors hung from every door
Peace as we know it is no more
The drum beats for cowards War

Fighting Evil that hides
Cowards, Worldwide
But America is good
Some of our Allies stood by our side

God Bless America
The World would sing
Prayers and tears it would bring
But most of all the celebration
Why we our free!

The bells of Liberty
Ring loud and clear
For all the World to hear

We are Americans
Blessed by God himself
Our Freedom will be fortified
By the sprits of those who died

Please join me in prayer
For those who lost their lives
Behind the cowards who still hide
And for all Mother’s who still cry.
For their children who died
On 911; another year has gone by.