Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Where have all the years gone
Another 4th of July is here
I remember it, as if it were just yesterday
When I saw my neighbor’s two sons playing

I sat on my front porch looking up to the sky
Blessed by the summer night’s twinkling stars
Just then I saw my neighbor’s two sons
The boys were playing on the front lawn

They were yelling and carrying on having so much fun!
The hot summer night brought on a sparkler fight
They were chasing each other with twinkling sticks in their hands
Yes, I remember it well

As the 4th of July progressed through out the night
It brought magic to the skies of our neighborhood
I felt a cool breeze of wind rush by
Just like all the years that went came and went

I saw my neighbor’s two sons grow up to be fine men
As I sat on my front porch, I remember the day
The two young men drove up to their house with their very 1st dates
I remember this all as if it were just yesterday

Who knew that duty would call?
Just then the WAR in IRAQ had just broke out
I saw the boy’s father put up their family flag
You see he was former Vietnam Vet

I saw their mother light two candles
She put them in the front window for all the neighbors to see
I heard that my neighbor’s sons had just signed up
The boys were now men in United States Marines

I remember this as if it were just yesterday
When I saw the two boys
Playing on their front lawn
They loved playing Cowboys and Indians

It’s now another 4th of July in the year 2005
Today the Dad and Mom received really bad news
Their two boys died in two separate firelights
Just then a strong wind blew out the two candle lights

The boy’s mother fell to the floor
The father sat next to hear and held her tight
One by one their neighbors stood in line
Waiting to the thank my neighbors for their sons sacrifice

We have made it a tradition in our neighborhood
On each 4th of July to celebrate our Freedom
To hug each other for our blessed lives
On every 4th of July night we have met

You’ll see two candles lit in every front window of our neighborhood
You see we have made it a tradition to celebrated the boys lives
You’ll see an American flag hanging from every one of our homes
You’ll see me sitting on my front looking up to the sky

Saying a prayer on yet another 4th of July
For all those fine men and women who gave us their lives
You’ll see me standing in line thanking my neighbors
For blessing of their two sons and my Freedom!

If you look really hard you’ll the boy’s stars smiling back at us!

Happy 4th of July…………