Ruby Alexandra Beloz


I laid on this gurney and I don’t know where I am
I feel weak and sick to my stomach
Then a voice in my head said, “Johnny you’re in “Vietnam”
All of a sudden it comes back to me

There was an explosion from the bomb
A piece of hot metal stuck inside of me
My stomach wouldn’t stop bleeding
And the Medic held my hand

I dreamed God sent a big bird from the sky
And the bird lifted me to the Heavens
Where for that moment I felt safe
Even though I silently cried

The next moment I awoke in a tent,
I heard the screams of Soldiers everywhere
And I knew right then and there I was in hell
I saw a bright light come to me

I heard death’s bell
Ring loud and clear;
I thought I saw an Angel
Standing next to me

The blood in my belly
Never stopped bleeding
And the screams grew louder
The Angel held me in her arms

She told me I was going home,
She kissed me gently on my forehead
And whispered in my ear:
“Johnny, say goodbye to Vietnam

Your job is done here!
You fought braver
Than any Soldier I know.
It’s time for you to go home.”

Just then I saw my Mother and my Dad
Standing by the light
The Angel closed my eyes and held me tighter
And the light around me grew dimmer
And the Soldiers’ screams faded away

I asked the Angel what was her name
She replied, “I am Nurse Jane.”
At that moment I heard the bugle play
It was playing Taps for me

I saw the Ghost of my Brothers;
They were standing at attention
Welcoming me home
That night I died in an Angel’s arms
But I did not die alone