Ruby Alexandra Beloz


When duty knocked on their door
Her husband didn’t have to say anything more
He kissed his wife and son good bye
Volunteered for Vietnam
That day his only son began to cry
Mama when will daddy come back
Every day at dinnertime
His son would wait on the porch for his Dad

He would sit daydreaming of when his Dad would come home
The little boy sat every night on the porch all alone

Then one day a long black car drove on up
An Army Chaplin got out of the car
He saw the boy sitting on porch
He was holding his favorite glove and baseball
He asked him where is Mama was
The little boy pointed to the backyard
He said she was hanging today’s wash

The Army Chaplin gave her the sad news
That her husband was part our country’s chosen few
Told her he did not make it back
That he died bravely in Vietnam

The news drop the wife to her knees
Yelling at God please, please, please
Dear God don’t let it be
The Army Chaplin gave the mother our country’s Purple Heart
It came lined in a satin box
Filled with only her memories
Of her husband that will never be!
The mother went to her son not knowing what to say
To tell him that his father died in Vietnam bravely yesterday.

She asked God to give her the courage to tell her son
That they brought his Dad home in a body bag
Lying in a wooden box
That was covered with our country’s flag

That her country left her to raise her only son
With out a father to raise his boy
A son who will never know
Who his father really was
The boy sits on the stairs
Waiting for his Dad to come home
Watching the sun go down
Praying for his Dad’s shadow to walk up

The mother sits in her rocking chair
Holding a picture of her husband close to her heart
Who is no longer there?
To comfort and wipe away her tears
Or to tell her, “I love you my dear”

She can’t stop tears of sadness and despair
As she sits all alone in her rocking chair
With only her silence to keep her company
She looks out the window as she watches her son
How does she tell her son
That his father was lost to the War?
She doesn’t know what you say
So she walks out outside to keep him company

She put her arm around his tiny shoulders
Finally she gets the courage to tell him the bad news
I am sorry son your father died bravely defending our country.
He asked that I give you his Purple Heart
So that you can treasure his memory!
And know your Dad died defending our Freedom