Ruby Alexandra Beloz


America, you who stand for freedom and liberty
Where Eagles fly free in the sky
Where your people stand in the employment line
Your children here at home cry of hunger everyday

America, what do you have to say?
Where your people work in your factories
And are treated worst then slaves
America, what do you have to say?

Speak up; what do you have to say?
I can’t hear you, what do you have to say?
Have we become so damn proud
That we can’t hear our people crying out loud?

Do you pretend not to hear your children cry
When all across America they go hungry every night?
Our people grow jobless every day
America, what do you have to say?

You who play your silly WAR games for all the World to see
America, what happened to the land of the free;
You who build NUCLEAR MISSLES to rule the sky
You who have the say over people that will live or die?

You who hold the power of the WORLD in your hands
America, what has happened to our HOMELAND?
TERROTISTS now threaten our way of life
America, what do you have to say?

America we want to live
To see the our COUNTRY grow
To see the mighty rivers flow
To see our children sing and play

To see babies born everyday
To walk with pride in our HOMELAND and to stand tall
America, don’t let our COUNTRY fall
Can’t you hear the tears of mothers crying across the USA?

America don’t let our COUNRTY fall
When will the IRAQ WAR end
Bring our American children home
IRAQ must now learn to stand on her own

If IRAQ wants to live peace
Let them start by surrendering
Let them put down their arms
And show the WORLD they mean no harm!

America, what do you have to say!