Ruby Alexandra Beloz


The road home was so long ago
I never knew I would make it back home
My Mom and Dad haven’t seen me yet
Since I left in my uniform just boy
Now the years of fighting in Vietnam
And two tours have made me a man
When I finally make it home
Will my mother ease my pain?
Will she see the truth in my eyes?
Will she know the ugliness I hide inside?
That half of me has died:
When she asks, son what happened
In Vietnam
What will I say?
Mama, all gave some
Some gave all
I left a boy

And came back a half man
I can’t explain it to you
You won’t understand
Half me died in Vietnam
You see there was a firefight in our camp
That night I stood my ground
Mom and Dad you would have been proud
Please don’t feel sad for me
You see, I defended our countries liberty!
That night I lost my legs
In that fire fight
When the fight was won
I saw my buddies lying dead next to me

They died defending our Freedom and Liberty
Sorry Dad I can no longer stand tall
Dad I took the fall
Please don’t feel sad for me
All gave some
Some gave all
That night I took the hit
That put me in this wheelchair
Mom, I know it just isn’t fair
Please Mom don’t cry for me
Instead, let’s thank God I made it back
To my family

Even if I am half a man
I still have my pride
It’s deep in my heart way inside

In my heart and when I dream
I remain a whole man once again
I walk tall with my Brothers of Nam
Stand tall with them right next to me!

We fought side by side proudly
For Freedom and Liberty
Please Mama please don’t feel sad for me