Ruby Alexandra Beloz


There are only a few days of Christmas left
As I rush out to put up our lights
When the thought occurs to me
How many Soldiers this year have given their lives?

One Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty Two
Soldiers made the supreme sacrifice
And here I am in my warm and cozy home in West Hills
Putting up my Christmas lights

This year I will put up one Christmas light
For every Soldier who lost their life
Our family will never forget the reason we are free
These brave Soldiers fought for you and me

I am so blessed that I get to live in a big fancy house
Where the WAR doesn’t touch my way of life
Where I go to sleep in a warm bed every night
While our Soldiers sleep outside in the cold

Or where the silence of my neighborhood
Doesn’t hear the thunder of the War in Iraq
Or the sounds of missiles screaming in the skies
Showering death to its earth causing so many to die

If it wasn’t for watching the TV everyday
I wouldn’t know the WAR was outside my front door
So this Christmas I will put up one light
For every Soldier’s life

As of today, there are 1,282 Christmas lights
In memory of those who gave their lives
How many more lights will go out my front door?
Before we end this WAR?

I am afraid by the time the New Year has come it will be even more
Our family prays for peace to come this New Year
When Christmas is over and I have to put way my lights
I will never forget that each every light
Was once a Soldier’s life and our gift

Today there were 1,282 Soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq
They made the supreme sacrifice
Let’s remember the Christmas gift they gave to you and me
Their gift to our Country is Freedom and Liberty!