Ruby Alexandra Beloz


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: November 22, 2004
Awarded: November 22, 2004
Do you know the way home?
I have been here far too long.
I have seen too many of my sisters and brothers fall.
I have heard the angels sing the Soldier’s song.

I have folded too many flags!
I have heard Taps played
over and over again.
I have lost both my bother and my friend

My eyes have seen
more blood than I care
to ever share.

There is eternal silence
in every Soldier’s thousand mile stare

My eyes were once blue;
they have turned grey with each day
in this forsaken desert place.

My eyes have seen the tears of War,
where wives lose their husbands
and children lose their fathers
to a fight that makes no sense

My eyes have seen death
and death is looking back at me

There’s no one that can understand
the things I have seen… unless they are me

My enemy is out-numbered
with our technology and arms…
but it doesn’t stop them from coming
with their suicide bombs

Another Hummer blew up in the road.
Six more Soldiers just lost their souls
to a one way ticket to heaven.
So the story goes…

The strangest thing is that I’ve been home
for two months, but in my dreams
I am still with my sisters and my brothers.
In my dream it’s as if I never left Iraq.

In my dreams I wish I was back…
How strange is that?
I have been home for two months
yet I can no longer call it home

I long to be some place else;
where I am, I no longer fit.
When I left home I was just a kid
they tell me I am now a man.

Only I can see the blood on my hands.
If this makes me a man
well then, God please forgive me
for killing my country’s enemies.

My dream is always the same.
My dream always takes me back
to the hot desert of Iraq…
to the memories of mothers and their children’s tears.