Gloria I. Belezaire

Gloria I. Belezaire

Gloria was born in the jewel of the Caribbean, Belize City, Central America: a land of palm trees and emerald waters, and boasting of having the second largest barrier reef in the world.

A≠ Christian mother with two lovely daughters, Gloria is the grandmother of four beloved children, a wife, sister, aunt and friend. She resides with her husband in Yonkers, New York.

With a family that provides her with great inspiration, Gloria is a storyteller: a writer and poetess with a passion for telling tales that have not been told through poetry.

Her fascination with poetry started in her early high-school years and has been her comfort through the lonely years in which she struggled to find herself after suffering a stroke on Sept 21, 2001. On a cold winter’s day in Canada in 2003, as she forced herself to complete a difficult rehabilitation after the stroke, she promised God, with tear filled eyes, to praise and glorify Him until her last breath. Begging Him to allow me to express my turbulent emotions by writing poetry, He answered by bringing her through many rough times. She has never forgotten that promise!

The joy of returning to a normal life is now expressed in every line that she writes and she welcomes all to her world of Poetry Echoes.

Gloria writes: Join me in a fantastic roller coaster ride of emotions. I’ll take you to the peaks of high mountains through plateaus of tranquility. Allow me to awaken your fine sense of wonder, on trails of adventure displayed in my writings. Escape from your mundane world. Permit me to add spectacular highlights to your lives. My intention is for my poetry to echo through your thoughts on the darkest nights. My writings will rest on the delicate threads of your mind. Once you are exposed to my poetry echoes you will never be the same. I promise not to disappoint you. Enjoy your encounter of a unique kind, my dear readers.

Thank you very much for stopping by to read my humble writings. Blessings to all my readers: “If poetry be the food of life, read on!”

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