Ted H. Behrens


In Vietnam the manifestation of adventure, as in most wars, was acted out on both sides by children following the bloody politics of aging government officials and high ranking military personnel: men of power and prestige who should have known better.

My journal entry was recorded after the siege of Khe Sahn in Vietnam and after Lyndon Johnson announced his intention to leave the White House and the war behind.

My company and I can’t quit the war as the President can. Instead we carry on in the jungle facing uncertain and dangerous evenings in sand bunkers in Quang Tri Province while the President and his men sleep in satin sheets in Washington D.C. Skepticism is born in soldiers – born to question authority and institutions for lifetimes to come.

Ted H. Behrens
Combat Medic
Outside Khe Sahn
Operation Pegasus
1st Air Cavalry