Elisabeth A. Beard

Bradley Beard with mom, Betsy
Bradley ‘Brad’ Beard with mom, Betsy following Advanced Infantry Training. Photo courtesy of the Beard family
“Thanksgiving is a horrible “holiday” for us now, since the death of our son, SPC Bradley S Beard. He was killed in action in Ar Ramadi, Iraq on October 14, 2004. I would have thought that by the third Thanksgiving after his death, we would be able to find something, anything, for which to give thanks, and I think the only thing might be our soldiers who continue to stand firm between us and rampant terrorism… “ (Part of a letter from Betsy to Michael Marks… November 17, 2006)

Please visit the Talking Proud website to read Betsy’s letter to the soldiers who notified her of Bradley’s death. A memorial poem to Bradley, authored by Christina A. Sharik, is proudly displayed on her IWVPA index. The poem is titled In Memory of Bradley Beard.

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