Kimberly S. Bayes
Kimberly and her two daughters whom she and her late husband adopted from China as babies
Kimberly Sue Bayes

Kim is the daughter of a career U.S. Army soldier and Vietnam helicopter pilot and is a clinical social worker and a reunion site coordinator for military and veterans groups. PTSD is very real. Kim has worked with children with severe behavior problems for almost 15 years and many have been traumatized by physical or sexual abuse. She has seen firsthand the debilitating effects and has also seen the great human capacity for healing.

In 2003 Kim wrote “The Quiet Warrior” for the Vietnam Security Police Association, an organization in which she is very active. The poem holds great meaning to the association membership of 850 security policemen, and has taken on a life of its own. Her poems, “The Quiet Warrior” and “PTSD” have been included on the “Eternal Guard” website.

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