Robin Amy Bass


When one door closes a window often goes up
Sometime we simply forget to look up
Sometimes we just cannot find words to say
All of the thoughts that we harbor that day

Sometimes I write till the words make me weep
Others times I know my words should just keep
floating inside me – another dry spell?
I think ideas are just starting to gel

maybe a subject has finally worn out
you’ve reached conclusions – know what it’s about
changing direction can never be wrong
sometimes we stay in one place far too long.

Sometimes each noun and each verb I inspect
Sometimes I say to hell with that Dam Spell Check
Sometimes I must show respect for my craft
Sometimes I’m obscene or I just want to laugh

Sometimes I don’t care to dot all my “I”s
But that’s so sloppy I know it’s not wise
Sometimes I’ve beaten an old horse to death
Sometimes I just talk till I’m out of breath

Sometimes I’m not sure just which turn to take
What if I’m making a terrible mistake
Sometimes I know that the choice is the one
Some times a consequence can’t be undone

Sometimes I sing right out loud and on key
Sometimes my voice doesn’t sound much like me

But if you close the door the lightly you’ll find
If you are lost you can always rewind
Never say never… but if you must go
you can come back in a moment… you know

sometimes a subject needs close introspection
Sometimes you just have to voice your objection
Sometimes you read some things and you don’t care
Sometimes you wonder how did I get there?
(Or it’s so good and it just isn’t fair…
you didn’t write it… you sit there and stare!)

Think of it as just a slight deviation
Or if you prefer – well it’s a well earned vacation
Though we’ve just met – I can honestly say
I know that you’ll find the right words to say
Just what you’re feeling and I hope you know

Yours words are here and they never will go!

A response to the poem, “Beginning to Wonder…” by Steve Brandenburg March 29, 2005