Robin Amy Bass


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: June 28, 2005
Awarded: June 28, 2005
The boat of life
A metaphor
And one that gives me pause
For life is not a boat to me
Perhaps it is because

I never liked the way they rocked
When tides would ebb and flow
I look and see the current churn
And here’s the thing I know

That I was meant to walk the earth
Find shelter on dry land
And though I may be tossed about
Sometimes a helping hand

Will reach and pull me to my feet
A voice says, “It’s alright”
And when I’m overcome with fear
No stars shine in the night

If I can hold out till the dawn
Connect myself to source
A little light begins to shine
Somehow I’ve changed my course

Sometimes I need to lend a hand
It seems to steady me
For I was only born with two
And often I need three

For there are those in need of help
They’re drowning just like me
It’s not the boat that keeps them safe
It’s not a rock or tree

It’s just another voice like mine
The one that says, “I know.
And though we drift, do not despair
For I will not let go.”

This response was Inspired by the poem “Sea of Tears” ©Copyright June 21, 2005 by Anthony W. Pahl