Robin Amy Bass


Though I am thought a friendly sort
I’m liked by many folks
The ones I count as my true friends
The ones who get my jokes…
In numbers, once could fill a room
But now, they number few
And I know, they know, who they are
They know just what to do
They cheer me up when times get rough
They stand right by my side
And even when the steak is tough
They swallow up their pride
I don’t want friends who patronize
For I’m no longer young
And more than once have crossed the line
‘tween truth and bite your tongue

I’ve seen how in the light of day
True friends will stay the night
And does it matter anyway
If I’m not always right?
My truer friends might raise a brow
When we do not agree
For now and then we raise a voice.
They’re human – just like me

For those who love me as I am
Fat head to little toe
For them – I thank the Universe
And pray for them – you know
I try to hold on to my friends
I miss the ones I’ve lost
Though I pretend I do not care
My heart knows the true cost
Of clinging to my principles
Of needing to be right
Of having to have the last word
And dreaming it all night.

I do not have a lot of friends
Large numbers never do
Make up for few of quality
The friends I have are true