Robin Amy Bass


Straight and Narrow – walk the path
Is this how I go?
How to take the edge off now?
Truly I don’t know.

How to play the game of life
And not break the rules
Am I just a simpleton?
One of many fools

Easy does it – take your time
This is what they say
Mind your manners – first things first
Always a cliché

No more smoking – no more pills
And of course – don’t drink
Tell me – what’s the antidote
In my head I think

How my thoughts are lingering
I just want to leave
From the outside you can’t tell
How inside I grieve

Try and see the sunny side
Find the silver line
Try and just identify
Don’t mind me – I’m fine

Count the hours – count the days
Win a coin or chip
Raise your hand or mention God
Offer up some quip

All I wanted from the start
Was to know you’re mine
Now I’m sitting on some chair
Telling them I’m fine

No more smoking – no more drugs
Time to look and see
Is time running out for us?
Time won’t let me be

Straight and narrow – not a game
Sober – nice and clean
There’s sympathetic soul
Who knows what I mean

Sometimes it can ease the pain
Sometimes it feels worse
Clean and sober – what a joke
How to end this curse?

Author’s Note: I have had not had a drink in many years – but my addictions are keep shifting, so I started going to Narcotics Anonymous to deal with those other addictions. So much for anonymity… my sponsor is a former Marine – no coincidences – a small meeting with 6 people and there he was. Go figure… Frank tells me to work the steps – for now I’ll keep writing…

This poem prompted the response, “In Your Chair” ©Copyright October 25, 2006 by Alan L. Winters