Robin Amy Bass


An honest woman with a dishonest soul,
Her diamond stud has turned to coal
Her heart of gold has turned to rust
Her love affair has turned to dust

An honest girl who hates to lie
But still she will not tell him why
She lies to him, her eyes avert
She knows just how to sway that skirt

She shakes her hips but he ignores
He rolls away… she hears the snores
She lies awake… he starts to dream
He starts awake… she hears him scream

She asks him why… but he just shrugs
He swallows pills… she blames the drugs
And menopause, and P.T.S.D.
Survival is a mystery

An honest woman who can’t admit
At times, she’d like to up and quit
Or fix things so they’d never hurt
Not him, not her. She can’t desert

The part she knows belongs to him
If he would only let her in
For any decent length of time
He turns away, commits the crime

Of thinking, it is safer there
That distant place… his distant stare
Reminds her, to protect herself
She asks, with just a hint of stealth

“What is it I can do for you?
It seems you are a little blue,
And honestly, I just don’t know.”
His cigarette begins to glow

He shakes his head… she hears him sigh
She watches as he starts to cry
She knows then, she will never leave
And in her heart cannot conceive
Of any other love but his
An honest love is what it is.