Robin Amy Bass


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: May 20, 2005
Awarded: May 20, 2005
An honest woman, you deserve
And so I cannot lie.
I tell you just the way it is,
You look me in the eye.

The look you give is only yours
The only one I need.
And all the fibs I ever told
From them I am now freed.

Your brow is raised; you tilt your head
This look was born for me.
And all my cards, they simply fold
From simple scrutiny

I don’t know! Is this your magic trick;
A tactic to survive?
But sleeping thoughts are waking up
I feel myself revive.

And I am like that wooden doll
Who lies until one sees.
A Pinocchio who comes alive
That’s what I come to be.

I guess that I could stretch the truth
And bend it to and fro.
But I would die to hear you say
I think your nose does grow

I know that I could mold my tale
And recreate the facts
But though I hear the curtain call
I do not care to act.

For I have learned along the way
That life is mostly game.
Yet when I’m standing next to you
It doesn’t feel the same.

You make me feel like I am it!
And I am worth the wait.
I never knew that in my youth.
Some things are better late.

For mostly I have played the part
I thought would win the beau.
Alas, the one who lost was me.
You reap just what you sew.

I read the books – I watched the shows
And walked away confused;
And learned that if I don’t strike first
I end up being used.

I guess the fear of drowning in
This love or war oasis
Propelled the lies – I dole out facts
as misers do –

on a need – to – know
And if I must say so
(yeah blow by blow)
A very stingy basis.

Still you’re the one – who knew my act
I think you changed the script. (Wrote?)
Your lines not memorized like mine
I knew you came equipped

To handle just what I dished out
Yeah you could stand the heat.
You always knew when fiction ruled
A sentence incomplete.

I can’t say that you were a saint
Your words were never scripture
And if I had a dollar bill
I’d never see your picture!

Of course, an angel I was not
As we went up the road.
And let the fork divide the tune
My dream of love on hold…

And all my hope – the thing I knew.
I made myself forget.
I put away the voice that said
It isn’t finished yet.

I thought that was the way things went.
I shrugged it off to fate.
But you never fully disappeared.
At times I’d contemplate

What had gone wrong, as I transformed –
And once again – I cannot lie.
I never felt at home

Not in my house or in my heart
And I can’t tell you why
I chose instead a different path
A life that was a lie.

I guess I know a thousand ways
That you can tell a lie
Convenience is a handy tool
And really cheap to buy.

And that was me for many years,
I’m sad to say, it’s true:
An owner of a thousand heels,
With out the perfect shoe.

Yeah tired of the Waiting List
I say, I’ll MAKE IT FIT!
Still walking slightly with a limp
I KNOW this isn’t it.

I am no Cinderella –
Relax – you are no Prince
Although I love you head to toe,
Can’t stand to see you wince.

I joke – that this might make you laugh.
A test of royalty
Perhaps the crown belongs to you
That Damn Nobility

But still this is my story
A fairy tale come true
I still don’t know what I did right
To rediscover you.

You picked a corner of my mind
And made yourself at home
And waited many years I think,
Till I picked up the phone

And when I did, you just said, “Hi
So tell me what is new?”
And while we kept the conversation light
But I saw one thing was true.

I knew that when I spoke to you
There was no need to lie.
And though my feet stayed planted firm
My heart began to fly.

You simply spoke the truth to me,
You did not paraphrase.
I guess you’re still the only one
Who cuts right through the maze…

Of course, as every woman does,
I do not tell it all
‘Cause every man needs mystery
Or else they do not call

And this, the reason, I’m afraid!
This lie they sold to me.
Well I return it to that store
And now I’m feeling free

To grab your hand and hold you close
And try and make you see
That I’m not scared to wield the axe!
Chop down a cherry tree

And tell you, “It was me who did
And not some little boy.”
Of course the woman that I am
My delivery’s still coy.

But you have never minded that.
Though your look is somewhat cool…
As one by one my defenses fall
You see right through this fool.

But still you do not interrupt.
You wait until I’m done.
You start to speak – and then you stop
Scared at what you’ve won?

You clear you throat and light a butt
And start to speak your mind.
Then tell me you’re no good at this
Some words you cannot find.

Which gives me pause for comfort;
Wish that I were smoking true.
I feel my heart pick up the pace
‘Cause you are human too.

Now here’s the thing I’ve come to know
It’s really simple too.
That you can tell me anything
If I am next to you,

Yeah you can read a dictionary
And you can take it slow
I think I’ll steal that famous line
“You had me at HELLO!”

And though I start to hesitate
I think you already know
That this is all I want from life
To love you head to toe.

The truth is often hard find
We search without clue
So when it stares me in the face
It bears repeating too

So I will make this short and sweet
Well short? That it isn’t true.
The truth is and has always been.
A simple I LOVE YOU!