Robin Amy Bass


My key board and my mouse are new
And I’m no longer feeling blue
My batteries are lithium
So I’m no longer feeling glum

My desk top is now squeaky clean
My hard drive seems to be pristine
But where did all my info go?
I’m not sure I will ever know

My cats now play with my old tech
My wires have become a wreck
My lap is now for Sam and Brad
My lap top pets are not so bad

They sneak in side my keyboard drawer
If I should act like I ignore
My cats in favor of my mouse
I’m learning fast – who runs this house

Where once I bragged – state of the art
When they break down – I’d like to cart
All my machines out to the dump;
When I can’t write I’m such a grump

Although I’m sure my cats applaud
I hope they cannot spell de-clawed
Well – time for work – I cannot stay
My mouse will sleep – my cats will play