Robin Amy Bass


No matter if it’s flat or round
Some times to walk, we must expound
On why we step the way we do,
Or choose to don a different shoe

Conclusions never do conclude
A dialogue that’s just plain rude
A failure to communicate
Caught better early – than too late

No matter if it’s round or flat
A little this, a lot of that
May make your path a bumpy ride
Why, you might trip across your pride

But, long as your feet touch the ground
It doesn’t matter – flat or round

It matters not a sphere or Globe
We all deserve the right to probe
In matters that we deem unjust
In matters that concern our trust

And as for those we say we love
Protect defend and use a glove
That’s feels like velvet, but stands firm
It isn’t nice to make them squirm

Or crawl or trudge up side a hill
There’s such a thing as over-kill
And peace of mind – so very rare
So – flat or round – I just don’t care

We only stop here for awhile
I’d rather spend time with your smile
This world’s too much to contemplate
So I step off this great debate