Robin Amy Bass


You cross my mind when we’re apart
When it is late at night
I think of you as signs light up
When city blocks are bright

When throngs of people fill the streets
The theatre crowd lets out
You cross my mind and I recall
What life is all about

I wander past recruiting posts
That say Support Our troops
I think about the time you gave
My heart goes round in loops

You cross my mind when day begins
Though you are out of view
I wonder if you’re missing me
And who you’re talking to

You cross my mind when there is talk
Of loved ones gone to war
And should I hear a careless word
It chills me to the core

Because I know what they do not
They just don’t understand
That you have given everything
In ways you never planned

You cross my mind when people speak
Of heroes they have known
I know you would not call it that
But when I am alone

You cross my mind and I recall
The battles you still fight
I pray you slumber peacefully
All through the restless night

You cross my mind so many times
In ways much more than one
I know I’ll keep you in my heart
Until my days are done