Robin Amy Bass


I will feed you when you’re hungry
I will try and ease your pain
I will listen if you want me
But you don’t have to explain
If it hurts to talk about it
I will wait till you can speak
Should it take more than an hour
Should it take more than a week
I will wait until you’re ready
By your side, from night to day
I will wait across the river
When you must send me away
I don’t claim to understand it
It’s not me who’s been to war
It’s not me who’s been abandoned
It’s not me who’s keeping score
Why keep talking to the selfish
Or an audience that’s blind
If you turn in my direction
There’s a good chance you will find
Love that barely has conditions,
I say barely, cause it’s true
I don’t claim to be a martyr
I am human, just like you
But a human who will love you
Perhaps you can learn to trust
One who understands your caution,
Who’s seen diamonds turn to rust
It is clear that you are broken
I would like to help you mend
It’s my heart and hand extending
On my love you can depend

Inspired by the poem, “Why?” ©Copyright February 1, 2008 by Tim Bone